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LASER – the journal for laser technology – gives a comprehensive survey of the possibilities and fields of application of the laser through basics and practice reports including interviews and accounts. The range of to- pics reaches from material processing and metrology to sensorics and opto-electronics.

The international circle of LASER readers comprises interested persons from all fields of machine construction, the electrical industry, communi- cations engineering and optics.

LASER addresses both appliers and offerors from the entire sphere of fu- ture-oriented laser technology. The editorial programme focuses on the conveying of practice-oriented and realised laser applications. Articles on fundamental principles and reports from universities and research insti- tutes make a meaningful supplement to the contents.

In each LASER issue the reader finds a market survey related to topical subjects, and in the „Europäischer LASER Markt“ – our purchase guide for the laser branch – is a comprehensive summary. The market surveys and a complete address section you can find online

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Editorial: Dipl.-Ing. Veronika Köhler (Editor)
Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Klinker (Korrespondent)


Klaus Wiesner

31th Volume

  Frequency: 4 issues per year including special issue
"Europäischer LASER Markt"
  Publication Schedule: see Annex
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